Custom Design

Same problem has multiple solutions

How common is this for our machine vision market? Due to the multidisciplinary tasks of our engineers in this industry, background, and competence determines the solutions.

What if the image can be simpler to interpret by the CNN/ANN software system?
What if your optical systems will deliver a more robust image?

Our PureSpectra team can assist you to the next step in perfect optical imaging by adding a prism which fits to the popular sensors of your camera manufacturer.

 As result today's imaging challenges are about creating the perfect picture for your engineers reducing time during the development.

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Smart cross correlation between images

This is where IP starts, being smart, the best solutions are simple. Why putting time in software if you can have a geometric correlation between your different image plans of your 3 sensors. This could bring you to the benefits of embedded hardware. Do not only deliver raw data but metadata from the camera which is more robust to the environment your application is operating.

Molecular Spectroscopic Imaging.

This aspect is often the start of your imaging idea. You need sensors which are able to sort the matter you are observing or inspecting.

"Matter is anything that takes up space and can be weighed. In other words, matter has volume and mass."

The scientific part is your IP. But how to make this visible?

Our technology delivers you benefits:

  1. Each matter has its own Molecular Spectroscopic response. We can help you with our knowledge to specify the prism concept for the best results for your 'matter'.

  2. We have a laboratory available where we can run experiments and deliver you the concept pictures to solve your application prior production

  3. PureSpectra has knowledge about the chemical background.  We did a lot of research and will find the spectrums that are important or even key to your applications, We are the accelerator for solving your application.


Before we can come to a clear conclusion and start your custom design, we need to take the following steps: 

  • Visits and meetings with you and your staff.
  • Report including images of your application.
  • The scientific chemical proof
  • The best strategy for molecular Spectroscopic Imaging
  • Create IP for you to inspect your products

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