Prism camera for Embedded applications

The smallest prism camera module in the world

  • We design and produce prism modules for embedded applications.
  • Customized to your needs, allowing you to be unique in your business.
  • Based on a generic prism module, for acceptable pricing for customized modules.
  • Your electronic interfacing or our MIPI interfacing
  • Delivered as a camera module to be integrated in your product.

In a small package: 43x43x43 mm

View your embedded camera in 3D. Your electronic interface or our MIPI interface included.
PS Model C.jpg

Your needs are our value

Connecting the dots between your defined need, available sensors of your suppliers, and creating a high quality reliable optical prism bonded with your favourite sensors that can be used in your application.

Your product

  • The smallest optical module with two or three inputs can be used between 380 nm - 1700 nm. Adapted to the wave lengths you require
  • Using excellent coatings where you can choose from
  • Optimize your signals for reliable, reproducible and accurate measurements

supplier coating 01.jpg

The coatings and the optics we provide are sourced at the finest Japanese suppliers.

Let's discuss your possible product together