Dual focus imaging solution

How to take a picture that is in focus both in the foreground and background?  This can be challenging, especially when the light conditions are not perfectly controlled. One way to achieve this is by using a technique called focus stacking. Photo Stacking

This technique involves taking multiple shots of the same scene, each with a different focus point, and then combining them into a single image using specialized software. This results in an image that is in focus from the foreground to the background.

For moving objects, not an ideal solution

Another way to achieve good depth of field is by using a small aperture (large f-number). This will increase the depth of field and keep more of the image in focus. However, using a small aperture can also result in a longer exposure time, which can lead to motion blur if the camera or subject moves during the exposure.

As for taking pictures of both the front and back side of glass at the same time, one option is to use a technique called transmitted light photography 2. This involves placing the glass on a light table or other backlit surface and photographing it from above. The backlighting will illuminate both the front and back sides of the glass, resulting in a single image that shows both sides.



Resulting in below pictures: Note the Booklet is vertical and there are two focus points!