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We design & produce prism modules for embedded applications

  • Customized to your needs, allowing you to be unique in your business
  • Based on a generic prism module, for acceptable pricing for customized modules
  • Your electronic interfacing or our MIPI interfacing
  • Delivered as a camera module to be integrated in your product

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"When one plus one equals more than two"

How often do we want to have this? That the sum of technology increases two?


In this way your opportunities are related to your imagination to add value to your applications, solving your challenges

PureSpectra Ltd. designs ánd produces prism modules, and has the production technology to bond today's smart sensors to see through one optical path.

It will benefit your application for:

  • Computing speed
  • The images you retrieve from multiple camera are optical aligned
  • The images you retrieve from multiple camera don't have parallax effects
  • In footprint, your camera acquisition module will need less space compared to using multiple camera with multiple lenses.

The approach of spectroscopy – using different dedicated wave lengths, allows you to design an Embedded system.

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PRISM technology is key

The key benefit of prism technology is that different spectrums can see through one optical path.


Sounds simple, but how to realize that the needed wave length is discriminated?

At PureSpectra we know how to build prisms with coating. Designed for a broad range of wave lengths. We explore the possibilities via our passion for Prism.

After a careful selection of the components, it is followed by a delicate process assembling the components. We will bond the sensors accurately by our own method, which will deliver the best signal. And this will deliver the highest sensitive sensor component to you. You need to discriminate the specific signals in your application.

Why are we adding so much value to the product with scientific knowledge?

We belief in Molecular Spectroscopic Imaging as a service. We listen to you, as you know what your business needs. You know what is good or wrong in your process. We do have the knowledge about the chemical background of matter and possibly also for your product since we are experienced with many applications, We did own research, and we are utilized to find the spectrums for your matter.


Picture: taken in the laboratory, showing the difference between color and SWIR.

We don't do this alone. We have a network for this, both in Asia as well as in Europe in different industries and research laboratories.

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