« Available prototypes C1, C2 and C5»

Published on 16-01-2023

As mentioned earlier, PureSpectra Ltd. will start mass production end of march 2023. The production will start with model C; the MIPI camera for embedded applications.

The sales offices receive the prototypes before the end of January 2023. Currently available prototypes are the models C1, C2 and C5.

C1 : Colour measurement – RGB 1.3 Mpix. Area scan

C2 : High Res. Colour measurement – RGB 5 Mpix Area scan

C5 : Wideband spectroscopy imaging - [380nm ͠͠   1680nm]

Do you need the perfect color fidelity? Many blog on the internet about pro’s and cons. I found this link: https://mfg.world.edu/ten-issues-that-must-be-considered-in-color-imaging-in-machine-vision/

If you decide for the prism solution? Contact our sales offices to start with your development.