« C6 World first bi-focal area scan camera»

Published on 21-06-2023

PureSpectra product management is proud to present the product line up for 2023. The 9 models are available as sample models.

One of the highlights is the Model C6:

C6 is a bifocal sensor system. The C6 model solves the problem of blurry images. And it takes into account larger working distances as you prefer. Like, If space is an issue and the working distance is not enough, you have the option to shorten it to an acceptable distance. The camera can use 2 black and white sensors with two optimized focal points.


The black and white images are generated by a high resolution 5 MP Bayer sensor that matches at pixel level (1 µm) with the other 5 MP B/W sensor that scans at another focal point.

Contact our product managers today to discuss your needs for a custom, specific prism's camera for your development.


Normal image where the focal point is adjusted as middle of the DOF. note the image is Ok, but a little blurry.

The two images below are focussed at the small characters at the PCB and at the characters at the higher components. Compared to the limited DoF in the previous picture, now both images show highly sharp characters.