« Foreign Body Detection»

Published on 24-01-2024

Our advanced "Models C and B" cameras employ a cutting-edge prism-based system that combines the RGB and SWIR spectroscopic bands into a single optical sight. These state-of-the-art cameras feature high-sensitivity CMOS smart sensors, ensuring exceptional performance for even the most demanding imaging tasks. With the use of pixel fusion technology, users can obtain precise RGB and SWIR raw image data for each pixel in their images. The 2-sensor camera offers a visual range of 1120 x 952 pixels and a SWIR image sensor of 640 x 512 pixels. This pixel fusion technology enables accurate edge detection and the capture of even the smallest details in the spectrum ranging from 380 to 1680 nm. Our innovative "Models C5 and B5" cameras take things a step further by incorporating four spectroscopic bands, making them truly cutting-edge.

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