« PureSpectra at OPIE 24 at 24 april 2024»

Published on 06-04-2024

Pure Spectra is excited to participate in the OPIE'24 Optical and Image Sensor & Imaging Expo. Yuri Electric Co., Ltd. will showcase innovative products, including the Model 2 R/G/B color spectroscopy module and the Model 5 color/SWIR spectroscopy module from Pure Spectra's Prism Spectroscopy series. OMRON Sentec will exhibit the 5M 3CMOS color camera with new three-focal spectroscopic modules Model 16 and Model 2. The expo will take place at Pacifico Yokohama from April 24th to 26th. Visit Booth No. K-47 in Exhibition Hall A, B to explore our products, including the high-resolution Model 2 5,000,000-pixel R/G/B Color Spectroscopy Module and the Model 5 Color/SWIR Spectroscopy Module, ideal for automated resource sorting at recycling sites. The new Model 16 3-Focal Spectroscopy Module allows inspecting tall workpieces and measuring distances, while the STC-STS502CXP122 3CMOS color camera from OMRON Sentec offers an interface camera solution.