PureSpectra - Manufacturing


The competence of PureSpectra is the design and production of the prism technology needed to make the perfect imaging modules with the smart sensors you need.

The technology of making prism with sensors, where the center of the pixel is aligned within 1 um to the other pixels of the prism, is a challenge. It requires training like for a marathon. Our founders did walk this marathon and can give to you the technology you need for solving your food, medical, sorting and medical applications.


Our team trained for quality, process control can make multiple prism for your systems with identical performance. Taking care of all the details which are needed to continue production. Our suppliers are certificated by our Quality System.

Understanding the process

A prism suitable for 3 sensors needs to be perfectly aligned to achieve the color fidelity and the sensitivity for your system. And more important, your next prism needs to be with the same specification! If the data is not the same, it will not help you to gain calculation speed in your application.

3 side prism with rectangle projection 1700x1100.jpg

Picture: illustrating the complexity of the prism,


We have two types of