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Model C10 - Dual Sensor System RGB POLARIZATION


Introducing the PureSpectra model 10, the ultimate solution for foreign body detection in bulk materials. This innovative device combines a high-quality RGB Bayer sensor and a state-of-the-art polarization sensor to create flawless images that reveal even the smallest contaminants. With our unique co-site technology, the data from the polarized Bayer sensor is aligned with the data from the polarization sensor, ensuring enhanced accuracy and reliability. Upgrade your imaging system today with the PureSpectra model 10.

The 2-sensor camera is equipped with 2432 x 2048 pixels RGB sensor combines with a second 1920 x 1624 Polarization image sensor. The camera module covers the spectrum 380 – 680nm for both sensors.


Our MIPI interface and driver allows you to interface the camera module to popular processors.

All our cameras are designed to connect to popular mini computers. Easily connect to edge computers, mini computers and embedded computers. The camera matches specifications for the most popular edge computers family's.