Comment of our investor Masumi Kawakami (Founder of Sentec)

“The commercialization of the Prism spectroscopic module will contribute to the growth of the embedded solution market. I am pleased to have invested in PureSpectra. Spectral Imaging is expected to grow significantly in the Recycling, Medical, SDGs and Food industries. I have been 35 years of experience and knowledge in the industrial camera industry, being able to participate in this business activity. We can expect very valuable results for both parties. We look forward to the growth of PureSpectra in the Global market.”

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Comment of Takami Hasegawa

"I strongly believe that the world needs for the future challenging application in food, medical, sorting and environmental applications needs a better signal from the sensors. My journey in the last decades showed to me that it is important to deliver to the market a compact prism based detector with the latest smart sensors.

With our team, with dedicated people, understanding the challenges and the possibilities, we will bring to the market the smallest cube prism module which can be integrated by OEMs to analyze their spectroscopic applications."

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Takami Hasegawa, Molecular Spectroscopic Imaging Specialist.