« PureSpectra will be at Spectronet Iseo Italy»

Published on 20-02-2024

Purespectra at Spectronet in Iseo Italy 17-18 april 2024. Our involvement in the Spectronet at ISEO focuses on providing "Enhanced data for agricultural applications".
The key to designing a machine vision system that is immune to external influences lies in creating a dark environment, using dark materials, and operating at a lower speed. However, true innovation lies in leveraging multiple sensors simultaneously to enhance your application and tackle photonics challenges. This concept, known as Philips Prism technology, offers users in agriculture a sophisticated system that combines pixel fusion, multi-mode capabilities, and improved dynamic range for imaging absorption and reflection wavelengths simultaneously.
A 12-minute presentation will delve into PureSpectra Ltd.'s vision for the future of prism technology and how it can bring benefits to you.